More Evidence Of Next-Gen iPhone OS – iPhone OS 4.0

New iPhone OS tracked in the wild

By now, it is pretty clear that a new iPhone will be launched next year.

While from one perspective, that is no surprise given that Apple has anyway launched a newer version of its iPhone every year since its debut in 2007, this time things are getting interesting especially since there are conflicting rumors that don't seem to exactly give away what the next generation of iPhone will be like. 

First and foremost, it is still not clear if the next generation of iPhone will be a hybrid model as has been speculated. Also, there are rumors about the device coming with other enhancements like RFID sensors and with 64GB memory. While all of this has remained speculations till date, the curiosity has been stoked even further with frequent reports of next gen iPhones being field-tested in the wild. 

A few weeks back, we had written about an iPhone app developer noticing visits from a new Apple device ID which is hitherto not associated with any of the current iPhone models. A few days later, folks at BoyGeniusReport noticed two new iPhone OS versions in their server logs – iPhone OS 3.1.3 and iPhone OS 4.0. 

Today, we are again hearing similar reports from yet another app developer who has noticed visits from an yet-to-be-launched iPhone OS. The app developer apparently traced the new iPhone OS 4.0 in their app analytics. 

New iPhone OS tracked in the wild

We would reiterate what we had said last time – something like this can so easily be faked. But it is equally likely to be true and if this is the case, it shall be interesting what the new iPhone OS is going to be. Also, corroborating this with the earlier reports when two OS versions were tracked, can we expect a new version of iPhone early into the new year and one more late in summer? We cannot, but speculate. 

What do you think?

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