New AT&T Ad Calls Itself The Nation’s Fastest 3G Network

AT&T attacks Verizon's 3G download speed in new ad

The Ad-Wars are back and this time it is fresh salvo fired by AT&T. The point of discussion this time is the 3G download speed on the two networks.

While it is yet another dull attempt from Ma Bell, the commercial still addresses an issue that actually matters and where AT&T is better at least on paper. 

The ad begins with Luke Wilson claiming AT&T to be the nation's fastest 3G network and he "proves" it by downloading himself on AT&T and Verizon. Unsurprisingly, AT&T wins while Verizon remains stuck with an incomplete download till the end. Watch the video of the ad below: 

No doubt, this is a better commercial than the previous ones AT&T has aired this season. But it still fails to convince. The commercials from both these carriers could make an amazing case study for marketing professionals for what works and what doesn't. While both Verizon and AT&T have tried to put in a sense of humor within their otherwise aggressive campaigns, Verizon's commercials, that have come with depiction of information through maps, convince the viewers a lot better than AT&T's Luke Wilson ads where most of the claims appear to be rather made up.

This is despite AT&T theoretically having the better network between the two. We can expect a few more rounds of firing between the two companies as we move towards the New Year season. But if there is anything that AT&T should blame for the potential loss of business at the end of the quarter, it should be their own advertising campaigns that have largely failed to impress.

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[via The iPhone Blog]

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