ProSwitcher – Free Multitasking iPhone App Comes Out of Beta; Includes More Enhancements

Free multitasking app Proswitcher makes official release

Those of you who had tried the beta version of the free multitasking iPhone app for jailbroken iPhones, Proswitcher, will vouch for the fact that this is one of the best multitasking app available for iPhones. 

Now, good news folks. The iPhone app just has been officially released and includes more enhancements.

When we had written about the beta version of the app earlier this month, we had a lot of positive things to say about it.  Not only does this iPhone app integrate very seamlessly with the native look and feel of the iPhone, but also it consumes way less memory than the other popular multitasking app, multifl0w. Available for free against the $5 that you had to shell out for multifl0w, this was no doubt a very good deal.

Having said that, the official release now comes with a lot more enhancements as well. Here is what you get to have in addition to what was available in the beta version:

App Card Badges: The app card badges display new notifications from the app running in the background everytime you launch Proswitcher. For instance, new mail notifications on your mail app will now be visible at the top right corner of the app card. 

Set Home Screen: This is a new option available in the Settings. By using this option, you can choose whether to view the ProSwitcher screen or the Home Screen every time you close a running app. 

Bigger Active Card: The beta version of ProSwitcher displayed all iPhone apps running in the background in the same size. Now, the active card alone is shown in a bigger size over the other running apps. This is not a major change, but definitely has a better appeal. 

If you are interested in trying this iPhone app out, you can download it from Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone. As always, don't forget to tell us how you find the new iPhone app.