Anonymous Source Says Apple Tablet Is An “iPhone On Steroids”

Apple Tablet is an iPhone on steroids

In a short blog post yesterday, folks at Boy Genius Report (BGR) reveal a few more things that is likely in the Apple Tablet.

According to a 'close Apple connect' the website claims that the Tablet has an "incredibly fast" ARM CPU which makes it appear like it's an "iPhone on Steroids".

Other things revealed by the source are that the Tablet shall run on the iPhone kernel and has an internal model number K48AP. Corroborating with earlier rumors about the Tablet's multi-touch gestures, the source claims that these gestures are "out of control". You might remember earlier revelations by ex-Apple employees who insisted that the Tablet's multi-touch gestures would require a "steep learning curve". 

The source BGR spoke to also commented on why Apple has not released an updated iPhone OS for quite some time now. Apparently, it is because the updated OS has a lot of Tablet related code and references in the Operating System which Apple did not want to leak. 

The claims make a lot of sense. But with a barrage of Tablet related rumors being fired across the blogosphere in the past few weeks, it is now becoming increasingly difficult to weed out the substantiated speculations from the unsubstantiated.

What is your opinion? Do you see truth in these claims? Please tell us in the comments.

[via Boy Genius Report]