Apple Could Release iPhone OS 4.0 Beta at Late January Media Event

January 27 event to demo iPhone OS 4.0

Apple's January 27th media event could be more than just about the Apple Tablet. French website Mac4Ever writes that a lot of their sources have hinted that Apple could also be demoing their next generation OS during the event.

In a posting today, the website cites its sources as saying that Apple could be announcing a beta version of iPhone OS 4.0 during the event.

As per the sources, Apple could launch the beta version of iPhone OS 4.0 and iPhone SDK for developers. One of the important tools here would be a "simulator" that will enable iPhone app developers to scale their applications up to fit the larger screens of Apple Tablet. Mac4Ever reports:

"Several of our sources give us two pieces of information concerning the famous Apple tablet: In late January, in addition to its tablet, Cupertino should have a beta of iPhone OS 4, accompanied by an SDK. Our informants also tell us of a "simulator" specifically adapted for the tablet. Evidently, the major novelty of the SDK therefore concerns the interface, making it easier for developers to adapt to different screen resolutions. The new iPhone could also benefit from a higher pixel density."

The website cautions that these are rumors and are yet to be confirmed. Nevertheless, this sounds like an interesting development that is quite a possibility. 

With an increasing consumption of video and graphic content on the iPhone, a higher pixel density could vastly improve user experience. 

What's on your wishlist for iPhone OS 4.0? Please let us know in the comments. 

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