Apple iPad Does Not Support Adobe Flash Like The iPhone

Apple iPad - No Flash Support

After months of rumors and speculations, Apple finally unveiled their their “latest creation” called the iPad.

According to Apple, iPad is their “most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device”. 

It looks very impressive but based on comments from our readers, one of its biggest disappointments is the lack of support for Adobe Flash just like the iPhone.

The lack of support for Flash was revealed (as seen in the image below) while Steve Jobs was giving a demo of the iPad at the media event earlier today.

Apple iPad - No Flash Support

While we (painfully) accepted the reason that Flash might not be suitable for a mobile device like the iPhone (even though it’s supported on most smartphones), due to its limited resources, we can’t understand the lack of support on a tablet computer like the iPad.

If Apple wants to compete with Amazon’s Kindle then it’s probably understandable, but they’ve pitched it more than just an ebook reader. They consider it to be a better solution than the netbook, which Steve Job mentioned “aren’t better than anything” but even the puniest netbooks support Flash. 

We can only hope that Apple includes Flash support in iPhone 4.0 but the chances look slim as iPad was the ideal device to announce it. 

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