Apple Might Announce Plans to Sell iPhone 4G via Verizon Next Week

App developer confides iPhone OS 4.0 coming

I’m sure you're eagerly waiting for Apple’s media event next week, where they plan to launch their “latest creation”.

Peter Misek, analyst of Canaccord Adams is predicting that Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs will have not just “one” but “two more things” to announce in addition to the launch of much awaited Apple Tablet.

Peter Misek expects Apple to also launch their next generation iPhone OS – iPhone OS 4.0 and announce plans to sell iPhone 4G via Verizon starting June at next week’s media event.

According to Misek, Apple is already preparing for the mass production of iPhone 4G that will work on Verizon’s CDMA network (and probably also support European GSM and HSPA standards). He also predicts that the 2011 iPhone model will come with LTE support.

Tech Trader Daily reports that Misek has made the following prediction about iPhone OS 4.0:

“the new iPhone 4.0 OS will support OS-wide multi-touch gestures and multi-tasking, simplify navigation and may offer a new way to sync contacts and calendar apps; the OS update likely will be available only for 3G and 3G S phones.”

These iPhone OS 4.0 predictions are in-line with the features that BGR had leaked yesterday.

If Misek’s prediction about Verizon iPhone turn out to be correct, do you plan to switch to Verizon or stick with AT&T? Let us know in the comments below.

[via Tech Trader Daily]