Apple Working on Multi-Touch iWork for Tablet and iPhone?

Apple Tablet not to launch in March

If you had been eagerly awaiting the launch of the Apple Tablet in March, here's some news that will dampen your spirits. The Apple Tablet might not launch in March after all.

Industry sources who spoke to Reuters have revealed that at least a couple of Apple suppliers have indicated that they are looking at a second quarter launch for the product.

According to these reports, AVY Precision Technology who shall supply aluminium casings for the Tablet and TPK solutions who are providing touchscreen panels have indicated that their production will start in February and they are working on a second quarter product launch.

But it appears that the wait shall be worth it. NY Times reports that the Apple Tablet will not just be an entertainment platform. According to ex-Apple engineers that the newspaper spoke to, the company has apparently been working on a multi-touch version of iWork for the tablet and hopefully even for the iPhone (iWork is an office suite of desktop applications created by Apple for the Mac OS X operating system). These sources however confirmed earlier reports that the new Apple Tablet could involve some "steep learning curve". For instance, opening an application would require users to slide three fingers down and rotate them.

With less than three weeks to go for the January 27 media event, expect a lot more gossip from insiders who have seen the device. One source who claims to have seen the OS notes that "The UI has a good bit of new sexy to it". We will leave it to your imagination of what that could mean till the unveiling happens. 

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