Apple Patents Provide Interesting Insights On How Users Will be able to ‘Write’ on the Tablet

Interesting patent on paper like writing technique on touch screens

Apple Tablet is speculated to come with many cool features, but the coolest among them all might well be an "invisible pen"! 

A patent filed in the name of Fingerworks, the company Apple acquired in 2005 reveals some interesting information on a new technology that will allow users to write on a touchscreen surface very much like they would on a piece of paper. 

In the filing, the inventors write about a writing style where users clench their fists, pinch their thumb and index finger together; very similar to the way they hold a pen and then press their hand down on the touchscreen surface to write in this position. An image provided in the patent application reveals how the touchscreen interprets the various parts of the palm that is in contact with the touchscreen when the user is writing in order to recognize the actual 'pen grip configuration' part. 

Interesting patent on paper like writing technique on touch screens

While this would definitely appear to be a cool additional feature in the Tablet, readers need to take this with a grain of salt because it is purely speculation at this point. 

Folks at MobileCrunch also describe another patent filed by Fingerworks that describes a way for the software to understand when a user is actually typing on a screen and distinguish this from other instances when they might simply be holding or resting their fingers on the device. This technology could help the Tablet to respond appropriately to user inputs.

These patents were filed back in 2007 and their discovery has added another dimension to the mystery that has surrounded the Apple Tablet; a device whose existence is yet to be officially confirmed by Apple. While this has helped generate the buzz around the device, it also means a lot of rumors and speculations and sometimes contradicting reports.

One such report comes from Matt Thornton, an analyst with AVI Securities. According to him, the Apple Tablet is already in "full production" since the beginning of this month. Thornton says Apple's demand for NAND flash chips have seen a marked increase in the recent past which could mean that the production of the Tablet has already begun. However, you might remember earlier reports which claimed that the production shall start only in February and a launch is expected in the second quarter of the year. 

Despite these contradictions, things might just start getting clearer as we approach the D-Day. Meanwhile, if you are excited by the buzz, don't forget to check out this interesting article on Apple Insider about the history of the Tablet – the earliest of which was conceptualized way back in the sixties. Tell us what you think in the comments. 

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