Apple Tablet Launching in March, To Come With 3D Graphics, Wireless Plans And More

New rumors about the Apple Tablet

There has been a great deal of interest in Apple's much hyped media event scheduled for the last week of January.

While it has only been suspected to be about the new Apple Tablet so far, fresh sources have confirmed all these speculations.  

According to reliable sources that the Wall Street Journal(WSJ) spoke to, the Apple Tablet is indeed being unveiled this month. As was reported earlier, this could come with a 10" display screen and priced at close to $1000. However, the date of launch could be January 27th and not 26th as earlier reported

So what is it about the Tablet that is exciting? According to the report, the tablet will do all that it was expected to do: You can watch movies, TV shows, play games, surf the internet, read books, textbooks and newspapers. Like the Kindle, expect a built-in wireless plan to come with the Tablet. As was earlier rumored, third party apps are coming too. A French website has reported that a select few app developers have been given a beta version of iPhone OS 4 SDK. This comes with a "simulator" that helps to reformat their applications to fit Tablet sized screens. 

One of the less talked about aspects of the Apple Tablet so far has been the speculation surrounding the implementation of 3D graphics. Not much is known about till now. However, a patent filed by Apple employees reveals finer details of this technology. In this patent, the inventors write:

"[T]here is a need for electronic devices with touch screen displays that provide more transparent and intuitive user interfaces for navigating in three-dimensional virtual spaces and manipulating three-dimensional objects in these virtual spaces. Such interfaces increase the effectiveness, efficiency and user satisfaction with such devices."

As we had opined earlier, the Apple Tablet could simply be seen as a modern day rendition of a MacBook. However, as these news sources reveal, the actual device could mean much more than that. As Gus Sentementes from The Baltimore Sun notes with respect to the 3G graphics technology, "Perhaps this – 3D graphics — is the future of Apple's interfaces for its portable multi-function devices."

With all that is on offer with the Tablet, Apple could well be aiming for this device to replace your TV, eReader, Gaming devices and Newspapers. What do you think? Can Apple Tablet be a game changer? Please do tell us your thoughts in the comments. 

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