Apple Tablet Might Not Get OLED Screen

Apple Tablet not to come with OLED screens

Ever since the news about the launch of an Apple Tablet first came about, we have heard several rumors regarding its features and specifications. One such rumor was about the Apple Tablet coming with a 10.1" OLED screen. A source we had quoted earlier this month even went on record saying Apple had pre-ordered all 10.1" OLED screens from the Asian suppliers. 

While the Tablet is still likely to come with a 10.1" display, it appears that it will not be OLED after all. In a conversation with Ars Technica, Barry Young, the Managing Director of OLED Association remarked that at the current production capacity levels of OLED screen manufacturers, it is infeasible for Apple to bring them to the Tablet. Young said:

"AMOLED displays in volume are only available from Samsung SMD. On the Samsung configuration they could produce about fourteen 10.1-inch panels per substrate. With a 70 percent yield, if all their capacity was dedicated to 10.1-inch, they could produce about 150,000 per month. Given that Samsung cannot meet its current order backlog, they are unlikely to build that many 10.1-inch displays."

Also, AMOLED screens are getting increasingly popular on smartphones. Nexus One launched with AMOLED displays and iPhone 4G is rumored to come with one as well. Yound said that this will be another factor that will make it difficult for Apple Tablet to come with OLED screens. According to Young, the high demand for 3.5"-4.5" screens would mean that the manufacturers are likely to focus on this segment rather than make bigger displays for the Tablet.  

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