Apple to Announce End of AT&T Exclusivity During Media Event?

AT&T Exclusivity to end soon

Apple might be ending their exclusive partnership with AT&T sooner than one might have thought.

According to inside sources that folks from Hot Hardware spoke to, an announcement regarding this might be made during the media event scheduled for Wednesday. No information was revealed about other carriers who will be making their foray. 

First and foremost, we are not sure about the credibility of the source and hence would take this news with a grain of salt. But having said that, the end of exclusivity would be highly beneficial to not just the users and Apple, but also AT&T. User complaints about network congestion over the AT&T network are pretty well known and though Apple has not suffered any apparent loss in sales due to this, it has always been believed that the iPhone brand has suffered because of the exclusive deal. 

Ma Bell has had a tough couple of years trying to cope up with the terrific rise in data usage over the AT&T network ever since the iPhone was launched. As quoted by the company, the network has seen a 7000% increase in data usage in the past few quarters. An end of exclusivity would then mean a lot of iPhone users from the high density areas like New York and San Francisco might move to the other networks thus giving Ma Bell's network some much needed reprieve

But there is no gainsaying the fact that Apple's partnership has been so crucial to AT&T's financials in the past and as the last few quarterly results have shown, AT&T's revenues have been very heavily dependent on the iPhone sales. However, as Hot Hardware reports, AT&T is already announced its plans to offer few Android, WebOS and Windows Mobile powered handsets. This could in effect help the company compensate for its loss of revenue due to the end of iPhone exclusivity while reducing the effect that data hogging iPhone users had on the company's network. 

It is then quite possible that if the rumors are indeed true, the decision to terminate the exclusivity might have been a consensual one and not forced upon AT&T. However, the question of whether or not this will help Ma Bell in the long term remains. 

Are you happy with AT&T? or do you plan to switch carriers if this rumor turns out to be true? If so, which carrier would you prefer? 

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