CDMA iPhone With Qualcomm Chips to be Launched Later This Year

CDMA iPhone to be made with Qualcomm Chips

Contradictory reports are coming in with respect to what the next generation of iPhone could offer. In an article yesterday, we had quoted UBS Investment Research analyst Maynard Um as saying that a CDMA version of the iPhone could soon be coming but Apple might not partner with Verizon on this. 

However, Ashok Kumar, analyst at Northeast Securities has differed with the above statements claiming that iPhone 4G is actually headed to Verizon. Ashok Kumar has also revealed that Apple has ended its partnership with chip maker Infineon who will be replaced by Qualcomm. The news has apparently been confirmed with the concerned manufacturers and suppliers. 

If true, this could truly be a great start to the new year for Qualcomm. The company is also the supplier of Snapdragon processor chips to Google/HTC for the recently unveiled Nexus One. With Apple also joining hands with the company, it could drastically affect the market dynamics in the processor chips industry. 

Revealing more details about the new agreement, Kumar says Qualcomm shall be supplying their 3G wireless technology chip for EV-DO to Apple. Apparently, the decision to go with this chip was arrived at after Qualcomm and other suppliers failed to deliver on a chip that would support both GSM and CDMA. This could also effectively mean that the next generation of iPhone could come in two different models for GSM and CDMA customers. 

As always Apple has not commented on this news. But what do you think? Is it feasible for Apple to bring a CDMA-only version of the iPhone to the market? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments.