Google Voice Finally Comes to iPhone But as an iPhone Web App

Google launches new web app for Voice

The battle between Apple and Google over the rejection of Google's iPhone applications has been a long fought one. 

While Google has claimed that their iPhone app has been unfairly targeted, Apple has maintained to this day that the iPhone app have not been rejected and is still under review. 

Earlier this month, Vic Gundotra, the Vice President of Engineering at Google had indicated that his company will ensure that Google Voice is made available to iPhone users "one way or the other". Back then, it was not clear if Google was planning to fight Apple and get their native iPhone app back on the App Store or if they intended to take the web-app route; much similar to the other Google Voice related applications like VoiceCentral.

Apparently, it is the latter. The company has now unveiled a new browser based version of Google Voice that can be accessed by iPhone users on their Safari browser. This is clearly a strategy to circumvent the strict control that Apple has had over its App Store. 

Noting that the new version of Google Voice is a "Web App", the company claims that this is much more interactive than the earlier browser based version. Here are some of the salient features of the new Google Voice web app:

  • Built on HTML5
  • Ability to display Google Voice number as your outbound called ID
  • Lets users listen to voice mails directly from the browser
  • Dial phone numbers on an interactive on-screen keypad

However, the problem with an iPhone web app or for that matter even a native iPhone app, which cannot run in the background is that it dilutes the functionality by a great extent. In case of an iPhone web app, it's even worse as it doesn't have the Push Notification feature.

Anyways, the new Google Voice web app is built for iPhone OS 3.0 and higher and can be accessed from your iPhone at Let us know your experience with the new application. 

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