Infinidock App for Jailbroken iPhones Lets You Enable a Horizontal Scrolling iPhone Dock

Infinidock app lets you add any number of icons to iphone dock

If you are the kind who has several dozens iPhone applications on your iPhone at any point, it can become quite cumbersome to sift through several home screens every time you want to launch one of your favorite applications. How about bookmarking all your frequently used apps on the iPhone dock to easily locate them?

Infinidock, a new project from chpwn, one of the developers of popular multi-tasking iPhone app, ProSwitcher does exactly this. Available on Cydia for jailbroken iPhones, the application lets you add as many icons as you choose to the iPhone dock without needlessly cluttering the interface. All of the apps added to the dock are arranged horizontally and users may choose how many apps be visible at any given point. To surf through the rest of the list, you may simply swipe across the dock horizontally. 

The note about the jailbreak app by the developer reads:

"Full dock customization: scrolling, adjustable icon amounts, and more! Add as many icons as you want, and the dock will grow to accommodate them, and set how many you want on every page. The ultimate dock customization tool, by one of the developers of ProSwitcher. Please report all bugs and submit all feature requests via email so we can take a look!"

The Infinidock app is now available on Cydia for $0.99. As always, if you are going for it, please do let us know your opinion on the app. 

[via ModMyi]