iPhone OS Saw Largest Ever Monthly Gain In Market Share In December 09

iPhone grew in popularity in December

The past couple of months have not been easy for Apple. Ever since Motorola Droid arrived in the market, there has been constant debate over whether or not the Droid is better than the iPhone. To add to the challenges, Verizon launched their attack campaigns, first against AT&T and then against Apple. 

After all this, one might have thought Apple might have shown signs of cracking. 

That doesn't seem to have happened. Verizon's attacks apparently have not been able to cause any dent in iPhone sales during the holiday shopping season as the recent report from Net Applications shows. On the contrary, the iPhone OS recorded its largest monthly gain in market share since the device was introduced in 2007. 

The iPhone OS recorded a 20% gain in December to reach 0.43% of all Operating Systems used to surf the web. Among the mobile operating systems alone, this number was around 37%; very much close to the Java ME platform's market share. There is a word of disclaimer here. As the folks at The Apple Blog note, the stats from Net Applications are based upon the overall web usage. So, this means that smartphones like the iPhone, which inherently come with a lot of data consuming applications will find favor over other mobile platforms that do not offer an equal web experience. In other words, the market share here is of web usage and not of the actual handsets out in the wild. 

iPhone grew in popularity in December

iPhone grew in popularity in December

This is still an interesting study if we compare how the iPhone OS has gained over the Android platform. At the end of 2009, the Android platform, dependent heavily on Motorola Droid still only managed over 0.05% OS market share. This is a 500% increase since the start of 2009 and at current levels, is just over half of iPod Touch's market share – not something Verizon would be proud of. 

That being said, this is not gospel and the real growth through the tumultuous December season can only be known after the quarterly reports are out. But if the report proves anything, it is just that Verizon's attempts to out-do iPhone's sales this season was not successful. 

What are your thoughts?

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