Is This The Real Apple Tablet?

Mockup Images Of Apple Tablet

Engadget has just posted two images of what looks like Apple Tablet.

"Okay, we obviously can't confirm this, but we just got two very interesting images of what certainly looks like a prototype Apple tablet, or what could be the tablet bolted down to a table. It's big — really big — and it's running what clearly looks like an iPhone app, although we've never seen an iPhone app with that interface or at that resolution before."

Here are some observations:

  • The device seems to be running the map application like the one available on the iPhone.
  • The black cloaking is consistent with Apple’s security measures for a new device.
  • It looks like a giant iPhone.

The Real Apple Tablet

The Real Apple Tablet

Engadget has also got tips from a trusted source on the specifications of the Apple Tablet. According to their source:

  • The device will have a 10-inch screen
  • Look like a larger iPhone with a MacBook-like aluminum back
  • Pricing will run $800 on contract with Verizon and $1000 without when it arrives in March
  • The official name remains a secret and is internally called by the codename of "K48"

The source has also told them that iPhone is coming to Verizon and that Apple will demo iLife 10 at Wednesday’s media event. They seem to be in line with the rumors and speculations we’ve heard so far.

Do you think this is the real Apple Tablet?

[via Engadget]