Next Generation iPhone Might Come With LED Camera Flash

Next Gen iPhone camera to come with LED flashes

The past year has seen a lot of new smartphones (and superphones) arrive in the market. Though the iPhone still retains its popularity over its competitors, one feature that it truly lags behind is in its camera technology

All of us users do know for a fact that while the camera produces pretty crispy images in natural light, things aren't good in low-light situations due to lack of camera flash. 

Few days back, there were reports about Apple having signed a contract with Omnivision Technologies to purchase 5 megapixel CMOS image sensors from the company. At that time, we had written that a 5MP camera could bridge the one apparent gap between the iPhone and Motorola Droid. 

Now, there are more interesting rumors. The next generation of iPhone could in fact also come with LED camera flash. Folks at Apple Insider report their sources as saying that Apple is shopping for "tens of millions" of LED camera flash components for delivery through 2010. It is believed that the next generation of iPod touch could also come with this component. Philips Lumileds Lighting sector, the makers of LUXEON LED camera flashes is said to be the most likely firm to bag the contract. 

As with all our earliers speculations, this one too has to be taken with grain of salt. But we hope this one is correct as it's high time Apple included camera flash technology in the iPhone. If all of these rumors were to come true, you can expect a 64GB iPhone 4G with 5MP camera (with LED flash) running on multi-core processors and possibly on CDMA as well as GSM. 

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