No Camera for iPad – Is it a Deal-Breaker?

No camera on iPad

We're huge fans of Apple's products. However, over the years, the company is slowly creating a legacy of launching amazing products that fall short of the word "perfect" simply because of the lack of one critical feature or the other. 

Back in 2007, Apple revolutionized the mobile phone space when it launched the iPhone. Despite the launch of a breakthrough product, complaints about the lack of features like video capturing capabilities etc took the sheen away from the product.

Yesterday's launch of the iPad was yet another instance when Apple failed to unveil a perfect device. The absence of a front-facing camera or webcam, in my opinion, could be one of the major drawbacks of the iPad.  

Video calls; either for business or among friends, is one of the popular activities and it is unclear why Apple chose not to include a front-facing camera.

Additionally, though I agree that it would have been a little awkward to take photos if the iPad had a back facing camera like the iPhone, there should have been a built-in camera connector to connect to digital cameras especially since Steve Jobs positioned the iPad between a smartphone and MacBook. He said:

"We need something better at key tasks – things like browsing the web, doing email, sharing photographs, videos, music, playing games, reading ebooks". 

One has to buy the iPad camera connection kit to import photos and videos from the digital camera to share them with friends. 

By choosing not to offer a front facing camera for video conferencing, no multi-tasking capabilities and lack of Adobe Flash, Apple has served an open invitation to competition to fill the gap with their own product.  

What is your take on iPad's lack of a front-facing camera? Tell us your views in the comments.