iPhone Might be Coming to Verizon In June

Verizon iPhone Coming in June

Folks at the iPhone Alley are informing us that they have received word from a reliable source who has told them that Verizon's regional representatives have been informed of the same. According to this source, the Verizon iPhone could be 4G in select markets.

 We are not sure about the veracity of the source, but if true, it is likely that Apple makes an announcement about this in their media event. We were informed earlier in the day that Verizon's quarterly 'kick-off' event was scheduled at the same time as Apple's media event and that Verizon's store managers were told that this will also include a 'live webcast'. 

The rumor also conforms to earlier speculations about the iPhone coming to CDMA. You might recall that speculations surrounding this have been floating around for quite some time. Back in November, we had written that a CDMA/UMTS hybrid iPhone might be launched in Q3 of 2010. However, later reports also indicated that while a CDMA iPhone is definitely on, Verizon might not be in the fray. This news has added another dimension to these speculations. 

With just a few more hours to go for the event, this new revelation has offered more indications about the media event being not just to unveil the Apple Tablet but also to announce quite a few breakthrough partnerships that has been in the works. 

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[via iPhone Alley]