Verizon Message to Store Managers Fuels Further Speculation of Partnership With Apple

Apple verizon partnership rumors heat up

More fingers now point to a likely announcement on Wednesday regarding an Apple-Verizon partnership. Folks at Boy Genius Report have been informed by their sources that Verizon has reached out to its store managers with the message that Wednesday is going to be a big day. 

Verizon has a quarterly 'kick off' event when store managers are briefed about new things that are in the pipeline for the next few months. This time, the kick-off event is scheduled at 1PM EST on Wednesday which exactly coincides with Apple's media event. Store managers have also been informed that the event will include a "live webcast" fueling further speculation on a possible Apple-Verizon partnership announcement to be made during Apple's media event. 

Speculations about a possible partnership between Apple and Verizon have been flying thick and fast over the past few days. It is believed that the Tablet might come in two versions and Verizon is likely to sell the CDMA version of the device. However, that doesn't seem to be the only announcement involving Verizon.

Earlier this week, we also reported on the possibility of Apple announcing an end to its exclusive-partnership with AT&T. To add to the speculations, Tim Horan, an analyst with Oppenheimer & Co also revealed an imminent possibility of the iPhone opening up to all carriers in the US. These reports have further strenghtened possibilities of the iPhone coming to Verizon. 

Partnership between the two companies has always been on the cards since the iPhone launched in 2007. However relations between the two appeared to have gone sour late last year after a series of Verizon ads attacking the iPhone and its network. However, it now appears the companies are ready to patch up which is only good for all of us. What do you think?

[via Boy Genius Report]