Apple iBooks Vs Kindle iPhone App

How iBooks will tackle Kindle threat

When the iPad is released in a few weeks from now, it will be taking on competition from several distinct product categories like netbooks, e-readers and gaming consoles. While Apple has already tasted success with gaming applications on the iPhone OS, the company has its task cut out in other segments like the e-reader market where companies like Amazon dominate. Apple has launched apps like iBooks to specifically cater to this segment of their customers. 

However, there have been persisting doubts over the ability of apps such as iBooks to succeed especially since rival applications like the Kindle iPhone app are already available on the App Store. In fact, Kindle on iPhone is a pretty popular application reaching out to nearly 63 markets worldwide. So how will Apple change users' habits and make them use the native iBooks app to purchase and read ebooks?

Silicon Alley Insider makes some interesting observations on how this is possible. The author notes that Apple's App Store policies could ensure that users have a better experience on the iBooks app over the rival iPhone applications like Kindle and Barnes & Noble e-reader. As you would already know, Apple prohibits third party app developers from including payment gateways to their applications and instead insist that these developers make use of Apple's in-app purchasing technology. 

This means that while iBooks users will enjoy a one-click purchase thanks to the app's integration with the users' iTunes account, Kindle app users will have to browse and purchase ebooks over the iPhone's Mobile Safari Web browser, sync the app with the newly purchased content and only then be able to access the ebook. This would mean that the vastly improved user experience over iBooks could incentivize existing users of Kindle to switch to the iBookstore for their ebook purchases.

But one of the advantages of buying ebooks from Kindle store is that you can also read the ebooks on your computer thanks to Kindle App for PC (Kindle for Mac will be coming soon), which won't be possible for ebooks bought on Apple's iBookstore for now.

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