Apple Planning to Bring iPhone OS To New Devices

Apple Planning to Bring iPhone OS To New Devices

Computerworld is reporting that Apple is looking to bring iPhone OS to new devices beyond iPhone, iPod Touch and recently launched iPad based on a Apple Job listing posted last week.

Apple is looking for "Engineering Manager (Platform Bring-Up)" and as per the job listing, requires the employee to lead a team of engineers working with hardware and "custom silicon" teams to bring-up new platforms and prototypes.

According to the job listing:

The Core Platform team within Apple's Core OS organization is looking for a talented and inspired manager to lead a team focused on bring-up of iPhone OS on new platforms. The team is responsible for low level platform architecture, firmware, core drivers and bring-up of new hardware platforms. The team consists of talented engineers with experience in hardware, firmware, IOKit drivers, security and platform architecture.

Computerworld speculates that Apple could bring the iPhone OS to devices like Apple TV, enterprise-class Time Capsule micro-server offerings and others.

Two years down the road, other low ends of the Apple Mac line might get eaten up by the Apple processor/iPhone OS. Mac Mini and Mac Book, I am looking directly at you. Once there is an iPhone OS running the TV and the MacBook Air segments, it isn't a great leap to expect to see it in low end Macs.

It does make sense for Apple to take advantage of iPhone OS and bring it to devices like AppleTV. I seem to like the idea of being able to play iPhone games or use some of the 150,000 or more iPhone apps on the television.

Sounds interesting? Let us know your views in the comments.

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