PC World Study Ranks AT&T 3G Network As Nation’s Fastest

AT&T ranked nation's fastest 3G network

The much maligned AT&T network may finally have something good to show. A recent 3G Performance Test conducted by PC World across 13 cities in the US shows that AT&T's claims over building additional 3G capacity was not merely a lip-service and is actually showing results. The PC World study ranks AT&T as the top performing 3G network in US. 

The results showcase AT&T network's massive makeover in the past one year – a similar study conducted in early 2009 ranked Ma Bell last in terms of download speeds. Here are some interesting observations from the latest report. 

Download speeds

The average download speed measured on AT&T across the 13 cities was 1410 kbps. Contrast this with the 818 kbps speed measured on AT&T eight months back. PC World notes that at the current level, average download speed on Ma Bell's network is nearly 67% faster than the speed observed on any of the other 3 big wireless providers. The study also notes that Verizon's average download speed has fallen by 8% in this time period. 

New York and San Francisco

These are two regions where AT&T is notorious for its bad network. PC World claims that AT&T's network in New York is now three times faster than what it was in 2009. Also, the download speed in San Francisco improved by as much as 40% in this period. 

Network Reliability

In terms of network reliability, AT&T has shown the greatest improvement. PC World's 2009 study claimed AT&T's network was reliable only 68% of the time. In the eight months since then, this number has increased to 94%, which is higher than the 92% observed on Sprint and T-Mobile and comparable to Verizon's 94%. 

AT&T ranked nation's fastest 3G network

The results from the latest study concur with the network improvements that a number of our readers have reportedly experienced it themselves. However, there still appear to be a lot of regions where issues continue to prevail. Additionally, with the imminent launch of iPad, network usage is likely to shoot up further and it will be interesting to see if Ma Bell is able to hold on to its top spot moving forward. 

We are curious to know from our readers, if they're observing faster 3G speeds. You may test the network speed on your iPhone from this website and let us know in the comments below. 

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