Skype to Release 3G Version of iPhone App “Real Soon”; Still No Update On Push Notifications

Skype to enable VOIP over 3G soon

We have already seen Fring release an updated version of their iPhone app that allows users to make video and voice calls over 3G as soon as Apple has issued an update to its iPhone SDK, which will allow third party iPhone applications to offer VoIP based services to iPhone users over carrier's 3G network.

Unfortunately, Skype, the popular VoIP service that is also among the most popular applications on the App Store is yet to join the party. 

But, they have announced that a new version of their iPhone app shall be released shortly, which will enable users to make calls via their carrier's 3G network.

Speaking about this for the Skype blog, David Ponsford, the leader of Skype's iPhone team revealed that the company is holding back their 'VoIP over 3G' update for a little more while in order to improve the audio quality of the service. The new version of the application, which Ponsford says will be released "real soon" will also include

  • Call Quality Indicator : The app will come with a red-yellow-green coded indicator that will tell users the quality of the signal on a real time basis
  • Wideband Audio : Skype's new version will enable users on iPhone 3GS and iPod touch to make calls in "CD Quality" audio that will give greater clarity and fidelity

Interestingly, Ponsford did not speak anything about bringing push notifications to the iPhone. You might recall that this has been one of the long standing feature requests from the users.  In fact, the company had last month indicated that work was in progress on this front and promised to introduce the feature to the users when the experience was "perfected". With no mention about this in Ponsford's recent interview, we expect some more time before push notification is brought to the iPhone app. 

Meanwhile, Skype has not indicated a time frame for the release of its 3G version though we believe that should be within the next couple of weeks. We will let you know as and when that happens. 

[via Skype Blog]