Touch Mouse iPhone App – Turn Your iPhone Into a Wireless Keyboard And Mouse For Free

Touch Mouse App to turn iphone into keyboard and mouse

Remember BTStack Keyboard – the app that let jailbroken iPhone users connect a wireless keyboard to their iPhones? 

Now here is an App Store application that lets you turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a keyboard or mouse. Peripheral device manufacturer Logitech has released an iPhone app that helps you do exactly this. 

Called Touch Mouse, this free iPhone application lets users substitute their keyboard and mouse with their iDevice, which can now be used to type or control mouse actions on a Mac or PC via a Wi-Fi network. To enable this communication, you will however have to install the Touch Mouse Server software on your computer. The server software comes in both Mac OS X and Windows versions. 

The iPhone app itself is very simple and easy to use. The top part of the screen displays the three mouse buttons while a keyboard can be invoked on the bottom half of the screen whenever required by tapping on the corresponding icon. The rest of the screen can be used as a touchpad to control the mouse cursor. 

This is not the first iPhone app that makes this funtionality possible. Air Mouse Pro [$1.99] and Rowmote Pro [$4.99] are some of the popular iPhone apps that lets you turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi mouse. However, this is probably the best free iPhone app that is available for the purpose and that should get a lot of users interested.

If you want to check the app out yourself, click here (iTunes link) to download. Please don't forget to give us your feedback in the comments section below.