AT&T Worked With Apple To Tweak iPhone To Address Network Performance Issues

How ATT improved its network with help of Apple

AT&T is the nation's fastest 3G network – This is the claim not just from Ma Bell but also from third party studies conducted by PC World and Gizmodo. However, until a few months back, there had been loud voices against the company's network infrastructure. While the network operator is yet to completely sort out all the connectivity related issues, it is still a point to note that the carrier's network has improved quite a bit in these past few months. 

How did AT&T manage to do this? The answer to this lies in the 100-day plan that AT&T executives set up in the middle of December to "dramatically improve" the carrier's network in densely populated areas. The improvement was brought about by adding new network spectrum, repositioning antennas to improve reception in high-rise buildings and by incorporating faster connections in the cell towers of these high density areas.

This is not all. According to a report on the Wall Street Journal, AT&T identified crucial areas where the iPhone required tweaking in order to reduce load on the AT&T network while performing simple tasks like detecting the closest cell tower or checking for available text messages. Complimenting Apple on having worked closely with AT&T to effect these positive changes, John Donovon, the chief technology officer at AT&T remarked that Apple was past "networking 101, 201 or 301" and are now "in a Master's class".

While Donovon expressed satisfaction in the improvements made thus far with respect to connectivity issues, he also dismissed the notion that other network operators had built their network to handle traffic more efficiently. Donovon insisted that AT&T's rivals were yet to manage the kind of volumes AT&T does and hence they were behind AT&T when it comes to the learning curve. 

Having said that, perceptions of improved connectivity have always been extremely relative and hence while some of our readers may agree with us on noticing improvements in AT&T's network, others may disagree. We are hence eager to hear from you. Would you agree with AT&T that network connectivity has improved in the past few months? Let us know your views in the comments. 

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