iPad News Roundup: Apple Wins Crucial iPad Patents, SlingPlayer Mobile On iPad Coming Soon

ipad news roundup

With just days to go for the iPad to launch in the US, Apple has scored the rights to two very significant patents relating to the iPad. The first patent relates to the deployment of accelerometer in conjunction with various applications on the iPad like games, maps and 3D sound speakers.

The patent is significant in that it offers Apple the exclusive rights to incorporate the accelerometer technology on Tablet devices in general which will give the company a much needed competitive edge over rivals in the Tablet space. 

Another significant patent awarded to Apple relates to the iPad's broadband antenna that overcomes problems faced with traditional antennas where a wide range of communication bands may not be covered without noticing a significant drop in radio-frequency performance. Apple's broadband antenna for the iPad with a coupled feed avoids radio-frequency interference with the help of an appropriate shielding mechanism. 

It has been an eventful 24 hours for Apple as we hear about app developers getting their wares ready for the iPad launch. Folks at Zatsnotfunny have heard from SlingMedia that SlingPlayer Mobile that their iPad app will be available on the iPad App Store, although it might not be ready in time for the April 3rd launch. The company is quoted as saying:

"When it makes a noticeable difference in quality, we will definitely provide higher resolution streaming.  The iPad is a good example of a device where we are hard at work on this, but unfortunately it won’t be there at the April launch."

Meanwhile, Apple founder, Steve Wozniak has confided that he shall be purchasing three iPads this weekend. Considering the number of pre-orders until now and Apple's earlier announcement to allow only 2 iPads per customer, we wonder if Wozniak shall be able to make his three purchases at all.

Also as anticipated, quite a few iPad apps are likely to be priced higher than their iPhone counterparts. The App Store analytics blog, App Annie has noted the increase in price on a lot of gaming applications. For instance, apps such as Bugdom 2 and Nanosaur 2 have more than doubled their app price from $4 for iPhone users to $10 on the iPad while a few other applications including PuzzleManiak and Sparkle have stayed with the original price.

What do you think about increase in prices for iPad Apps or do you think developers are just testing the waters with these prices and will end up reducing them later?

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