Categories: Jailbreak App To Organize iPhone Apps On Your iPhone’s Home Screen Gets Revamped GUI And New Features

Categories Jailbreak iPhone app

Categories app is one of the most popular jailbreak iPhone apps. It helps you organize iPhone apps on your iPhone’s home screen.

As the name suggests it allows you to create categories in the form of folders so that you can move the iPhone apps into them to reduce the number of home screens.

Developers of the jailbreak app have recently released a new version with revamped GUI and some new features.

BigBoss, one of the developers of the jailbreak app writes:

It’s been slow going due to my lack of time lately, but I have revamped the Categories GUI making room for some future enhancements and adding some things to it. We (ashikase and I, mainly ashikase) have also added some internal clean up code which will help on cases where the conversion did not go well from an older version to the latest version.

Here are some of the new features in Categories v2.99.4:

  • Revamped GUI to fit new features such as integrated "Hidden Icons" better.

  • Added more extensive help.

  • Added ability to hide icons (Poof) from within categories.

  • Added more rigorous methods to detect when older category folders were not properly converted (pre v2.27) and convert them.

  • Added logic to remove folders that previously showed up as NULL and couldn't be removed.

  • Reworked icon select screen so that it won’t crash due to low memory anymore. Now icons are grouped into folders. You select a folder and only view the icons from the selected set. Rather than viewing 500 icons, you only see some icons at a time in the series you select.

  • Restored the automatic pick-an-icon selection when adding new categories.

  • The bug where the “i” button in folders did not load categories to edit the folder has been fixed.

Here are some screenshots to get a glimpse of the changes in the new version of Categories app.

Categories Jailbreak iPhone app - Screenshots

You can download Categories app from the BigBoss Cydia Repository on your jailbroken iPhone.


The Categories app's disclaimer states to "be very careful", and to "remove all apps from folders and uninstall before updating" to the latest firmware update, or if you want to uninstall the Categories app.

iPhone users who have not done this are facing issues as the apps that were moved to the folders are no longer visible after the update.

Let us know what you think about the new version of Categories app in the comments.

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