Circuitous – Multitasking iPhone App With A Difference

Circuitous iPhone app for multitasking

There are quite a few multitasking apps for jailbroken iPhones. While apps like ProSwitcher and Multifl0w do a good job, here is another jailbreak iPhone app that offers another good user experience to toggle between iPhone applications. 

Dan Zimmerman, the developer behind Circuitous calls it a "custom app switcher".

Circuitous is an app that provides a clean interface to switch between the various active iPhone applications. Unlike ProSwitcher and Multifl0w where users need to move away from the existing iPhone app to surf through other active applications, Circuitous displays all the active iPhone apps in a vertical dock that can be accessed from any screen of your iPhone. 

Using Circuitous, it is possible to activate the custom dock through several shortcuts like short-holding the Sleep button, double pressing the Home button or double tapping the status bar on your iPhone. Also, users may cycle forward or backward through the various open applications using shortcuts like the ones mentioned above. All these customizations may be made via iPhone Settings. Check out the video below to see Circuitous in action: 

Circuitous is available for free on Cydia and Rock. The new version of Circuitous (v1.1) also offers additional features like closing and reordering active iPhone apps with simple gestures. Do checkout the iPhone app and let us know if you think its better than ProSwitcher or Multifl0w. 

[via ModMyi]