Cydia: Installer For Jailbreak Apps Gets An Essential Update To Improve Performance and Error Handling

Cydia Store

Jay Freeman (aka Saurik), the developer of Cydia, the installer app for jailbreak iPhone apps has uploaded a new version of APT that has an optimized cache generator, which should greatly improve Cydia performance.

According to Saurik, the update has improved the performance by 7x.

Saurik announced:

"I also uploaded a new version of APT I've been working on: it has an optimized cache generator and more error tolerant repository parsing.

I improved APT's cache generator (most of "Reloading Data"). On my 3G[S], this dropped from 22s to just 2.2: 10x improvement.”

ModMyi adds:

“This means less error screens when connecting to repositories that might have an error at that particular moment, which used to end up causing Cydia users a ton of grief, sometimes even crashing them out of Cydia. This update should help correct some of that.”

If you haven’t launched Cydia in the last two days, you’ll be prompted with an essential upgrades screen as seen below:

Cydia Store - Essential Update

Let us know if the update has made Cydia faster.

[via ModMyI]