Apple Could Be Launching An Exclusive Category For iPhone Apps With “Explicit Content”

Apple bringing an explicit app category

Apple instituted a major change to their App Store policies last month when almost all third party iPhone apps with sexual content were removed

The change, which caught most app developers by surprise, was explained as a move that directly followed numerous complaints from parents and women who found these apps "too degrading and objectionable". 

If speculations are true, these applications could find their way back into the App Store soon. Folks at MacStories have unearthed App Store links that point to two new categories aptly titled "TOP EXPLICIT PAID SOFTWARE" and "TOP EXPLICIT iPad SOFWARE". These links, which have since then been removed, point towards a possibility of a separate category for iPhone and iPad apps with sexual content. Nevertheless, we are unsure if iPhone apps with explicit content are coming back anytime soon.

Apple bringing an explicit app category
Apple bringing an explicit app category

Having said that, a separate category for explicit content could be an acceptable solution. Despite their offensive nature, apps with sexual content are among the most downloaded applications on the App Store. Consequently, offering a separate category for such content is not only a business imperative for Apple and third party developers,  but a separate category also ensures that users who find these apps degrading do not have to filter through such content on the other App Store categories or have the ability to hide the category using iPhone's parental controls.

We would love to hear your views on this. Will a separate category address the concerns of parents and women? Do let us know what you think in the comments. 

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