iPad News Roundup: iPad To Be Available On Best Buy, 30000 Free eBooks On iBookstore

ipad news roundup

Will the iPad change the way people consume content? In an interesting article published earlier this week, NewsWeek writer Daniel Lyons sees how our lifestyles could change once the iPad goes mainstream. 

With the iPad, Daniel sees people with a "persistent online connection", which will get them to remain connected while in the living room, in the kitchen or on a plane.

If predictions are right, the iPad could in fact be going mainstream. A report on 9to5Mac claims that Apple may have run out of iPads for delivery during the first week. As the site notes, the shipping date for pre-orders for iPad's WiFi models on the Apple website are now marked for April 12. Apparently, the in-store pickup option for the first week is over too.

However, if you are yet to pre-order an iPad, you may still stand a chance to own one by next week. Speculations are rife that Apple may be selling the much anticipated tablet device outside of their stores as well. Folks at Engadget have got hold of internal memos circulated among Best Buy employees which hints at the possibility of the iPad being available on the retailer's stores from April 3. Interestingly though, the memo states that the number of units stocked per store may be restricted to five for each iPad model.

With close to 240,000 iPad pre-orders reportedly registered as on date, the hype surrounding the device is no wonder huge. However, with Apple still negotiating terms with several book publishers, there have been concerns that the product may not meet the expectations of ebook lovers. In an attempt to offer more value to the device on launch, Apple is reported to have partnered with Project Gutenberg to bring more than 30,000 free ebooks to the iBookstore. While these DRM-free ebooks are easily accessible online as well, Apple's move to provide these ebooks via the iBookstore could be an attempt at making the iBookstore the destination of choice for users to purchase and download ebooks – similar to the way consumers use iTunes for music. 

What do you think? Will the success of the iPad make iBookstore the online bookstore of choice for users? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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