App Analytics Reveals Apple Testing Three Different Versions Of iPhone OS 4.X?

iPhone OS 4.0 coming

Engadget has just reported that PixelCUBE Studios, developers of The Impossible Test, which is currently the #1 free iPhone app on the App store have observed something interesting in the usage stats of its iPhone app.

Engadget reports:

PixelCUBE uses Pinch Media to dredge up analytics, and a quick check of the OS versions its users are running shows that not one, not two, but three distinct flavors of OS 4 have turned up: 4.0, 4.0.1, and 4.1. It’s not unusual for Apple (or any major software developer, really) to have different teams working on multiple version milestones at the same time, so we don’t doubt that this could be real; then again, this is easy enough to spoof in a world where enterprising devs and fun-loving miscreants are bending iPhones to their every whim with creative hacks and lightning-quick jailbreaks.

App developer confides iPhone OS 4.0 coming

We are eagerly waiting for Thursday when Apple will give us a preview of iPhone OS 4.0.

There are chances that Apple might release iPhone OS 3.2 during or after the special event. iPhone OS 3.2 is already running on iPad that was launched on Saturday.

[via Engadget]