Apple’s iPad Is Finally Here

Apple's iPad Is Here

Apple has just updated its home page to announce that the iPad is here.

Apple has also released videos of launch apps for iPad launch such as The Elements, Real Racing HD, Marvel Comics, The Wall Street Journal, Epicurious, At Bat 2010, and many more.

Update: We’re posting updates after the break.

We are now less than an hour from the launch of iPad. We already have fans lining up outside the Apple stores to get their hands on the iPad and also many of them waiting for their UPS shipments.

If you’re one of them, we would love to hear your initial impressions of the iPad in the comments.

We will keep you on updated on the latest reactions on Apple’s iPad here so stay tuned.

Update 1:

Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, who was also waiting in the line seems to have already got his iPad (Woz with his iPad). His reaction:

“iPad delight…wow this is better than I ever imagined!”

Update 2: 

iPhone jailbreaking expert, Geohot is also waiting in line for his iPad (photo). He has already announced that it should be possible to jailbreak iPad. We need to wait and see when he releases the software to jailbreak it.

Update 3 (9:00 am):

It’s Official, Apple iPad is here! 

Update 4:

Photo of the dude who seems to have got the first iPad.

Apple's iPad Is Here

Update 5: 

First photos of iPad. If you have got your hands on the iPad, please send us your photos and we’ll post them here.

Apple's iPad Is Here
Apple's iPad Is Here

Update 6:

That’s a lot of iPads.

Apple's iPad Is Here

Update 7:

Photo of an iPad syncing with the computer.

Apple's iPad Is Here

Update 8:

All internal signage in the Apple Stores have been replaced with iPad images. Looks good!

Apple's iPad Is Here

Update 9:

Folks at iFixit are already in the process of disassembling the iPad, here are some initial teardown photos:

Apple's iPad Is Here
Apple's iPad Is Here
Apple's iPad Is Here
Apple's iPad Is Here

Update 10:

Video of iPad Unveiling at Apple Store. It’s really cool!


Update 11:

Some initial impressions from users from MacRumors forums:

anubus84 responds on the question of How does it fit in your hands?:

“really good. it just fits. there is no way to describe it really. its very very natural.

the screen is beautiful.very rich and vibrant!”

brock2621 gives his first impression:

this thing is DENSE… first impressions:

1. Super SUPER responseive

2. Deep rich colors

3. Very well built

4. Accelerometer seems more responsive than iphone (although might just be because of size? Aka, because it’s bigger, i’m moving it slower, which makes reduces “delay”

5.Screen pixel density isn’t as good as it could have been, you can easily see each pixel

6.Web browsing is ALMOST as fast as my desktop. REALLY like this.

OVERALL: I’m really happy with it, and will hopefully benefit greatly from multi-tasking in 4.0

 tanousjm writes:

Good: Not too heavy; the bezel seems smaller and much better looking than in pictures; the wife liked it (said it was “very pretty”)

Bad: I can clearly distinguish the pixels on the display. It’s easy to tell that this is much lower in resolution and ppi than the iPhone. We’ll see how that works out over time.