Google Planning To Bring Turn-By-Turn GPS Navigation With Voice Guidance For Free To The iPhone

Google Turn-By-Turn GPS

Google has announced Google Maps Navigation (beta) in the UK and Ireland for Android devices 1.6 and higher. Navigation includes features such as 3D views, turn-by-turn voice guidance, automatic rerouting, traffic, satellite and street views and more.

According to MacUser, Google has confirmed that it plans to bring the Google Maps turn-by-turn GPS Navigation with voice guidance to the iPhone.

MacUser UK reports:

Google confirmed at a London press conference that it plans to bring free satnav to other smartphone platforms, including the iPhone, although it wouldn’t say when.

If it is indeed true then it is great news for iPhone users as turn-by-turn GPS with voice navigation iPhone apps like TomTom are quite expensive on the App Store.

Since Google Maps Navigation doesn’t store maps on the device like other apps it pre-caches the entire route when a user requests for directions. Google Mobile Maps product manager, Steve Lee explains:

“Google Maps pre-caches the entire route. It needs a data connection when you ask for navigation. But while driving to your destination, if you intermittently lose the connection, it will still carry on. As long as you stay on the route.”

Google Maps Navigation has some really neat features such as:

  • Ability to search in plain english just like you would on Google

  • Search by voice, which is convenient for mobile devices

  • Traffic view

  • Satellite view

  • Street view

  • Search for gas stations, restaurants, or parking along the route.

You can checkout the demo video of Google Maps Navigation below:

It’s pretty cool and the best part is that it will be free. We can’t wait for Google to release this for the iPhone. How about you?

[via MacUser, Google Mobile]