iPad Reviewers Call It “One Of The Best Computers Ever”

iPad early reviews

Apple's embargo on publications seeded with pre-release units of the iPad ended yesterday and we are now getting to hear early reviews from these publications. 

Most of the reviews have been positive about the iPad experience though many have also noted the absence of features such as multi-tasking and Adobe Flash

According to David Pogue from the New York Times, the iPad is likely to find greater appeal among the non-techie regular users while the more tech-savvy audience may find more value from a laptop. Pogue opines that while the iPad may not be the best platform for "creating stuff", it makes content consumption "infinitely" easier. Pogue claims that the iPad exceeded advertised battery life by playing videos for over 12 hours in his test.

Walt Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal concurs with Pogue on the iPad's excellent battery life. Mossberg claims that the tablet device is a "pleasure to use" and had the "potential to change portable computing profoundly" besides propeling the popularity of finger driven multitouch UI ahead of the prevailing mouse driven interfaces. However, Mossberg concedes that the iPad may not be entirely suitable while working on documents. For instance, the iPad's Pages application exports only to Word and does not accurately render it all the time.

Like other early reviewers, Edward Baig from USA Today too agrees on the fact that the iPad is a great fit for those looking for content consumption or internet surfing rather than for content creation. While Baig calls the iPad a "winner", he notes that the device carries its share of Version 1.0 inadequacies.

Andy Inhatko from the Chicago Sun Times though claims that he has been completely sold. Calling the iPad "one of best computers ever", Andy finds the iPad to be filling a gap that has existed all along. He insists that the novelty factor may slip away soon after the user lays his hands on a device getting them to instead focus on tasks such as reading a book or working on a document. 

With all the positive reviews of the iPad so far, we believe that Apple may be on to another successful product launch this weekend. What are your thoughts? 

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