iPhone OS 4.0: First Video Walkthrough Of Folders

iPhone OS 4.0

Folders was one of the major features announced by Apple in iPhone OS 4.0 at today’s special event.

With over 185,000 iPhone apps on the App Store and the subsequent increase in the number of apps users purchase and install on their iDevices, a better app management feature like Folders was very much needed.

So how does the Folders feature work? Users will be able to organize iPhone apps on their home screen into folders. Users will also be able to drag and drop apps into folders with intelligent naming.

However, nothing describes this feature better than the video below. The video also gives a demo of the multitasking feature, which shows how you can close apps running in the background.

Categories has been one of my favorite jailbreak apps to organize apps but Apple’s implementation of Folders just blows it away.

iPhone users will be able to install 2160 apps instead of the current limit of 180 iPhone apps on their iPhone or iPod Touch.

Let us know what you think about the Folders feature in iPhone OS 4.0.