Performance Test: iPad & iPhone 3.2 Vs iPhone 3GS & iPhone 3.0 Vs iPhone 2G & iPhone 2.0

iPad OS vs. iphone os

The iPhone platform has come a long way since it was first introduced in 2007 with the first generation iPhone. 

While the operational elements have not changed a great deal since then, long time iPhone users will vouch for the rapid strides observed in the performance levels through the several iterations since then. 

Craig Hockenberry, developer of iPhone apps such as Twitterific, Frenzic has published a list of test results that offers interesting insights into the performance improvements that Apple engineers have managed to achieve with the iPhone platform.  

iPad/iPhone OS 3.2 vs. iPhone 2G/iPhone OS 2.0

Hockenberry compared the iPad running iPhone OS 3.2 with the original iPhone running iPhone OS 2.0. 

While I expected the iPad/iPhone 3.2 combination to perform a lot (lot) better than the original iPhone/iPhone 2.0 combination, I was amazed to see that the performance is several hundred times faster. 

iPad OS vs. iphone os

iPad/iPhone OS 3.2 Vs. iPhone 3GS/iPhone OS 3.0

Hockenberry repeated the tests by comparing iPhone 3GS/iPhone 3.0 combination with the iPad/iPhone OS 3.2. Tests on the native performance of both the OS versions indicate that the iPad is nearly twice as fast as the iPhone. While tests indicated that the JavaScript performance on the iPad OS were slightly lower, the results are still note-worthy. 

iPad OS vs. iphone os

While performance improvements have been an industry-wide trend, these results show that there has been significant improvements in the iPhone platform since it was released in 2007, so kudos to Apple engineers.

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[via Furbo]