Steve Jobs Confirms iPhone OS 4 Won’t Support First Generation iPhone

iPhone 2G not to be support

When Apple's CEO Steve Jobs gave a preview of their next generation iPhone OS at a special event last week, he had mentioned that iPhone OS 4 will work with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and the second and third-generation iPod touch.

There was no mention of support for the first generation iPhone and iPod Touch, which indicated that iPhone OS 4 might not work on the older hardware.

A German customer has revealed the contents of an email conversation that he had with Steve Jobs where the Apple CEO had confirmed that the company shall no longer be "supporting/ updating" the first generation iPhone. 

Here is a screenshot of the conversation.:

iPhone 2G not to be support

Steve Jobs had also clarified in the Q&A session during the special event to give a sneak peak of iPhone OS 4 that features like multitasking won't be available on older iDevices as the hardware just couldn’t support it.

Apple's decision will affect many users who still own the first generation iPhone and iPod Touch. If you're one of them, please let us know your views. Do you plan to upgrade to the next generation iPhone when it is released in June/July? 

Though Apple's strategy for software updates impacts iPhone 3G users partially (as multitasking features will not be available unless you hack your iPhone) and doesn't impact iPhone 3GS users, let us know your views in the comments. Do you expect Apple to continue to release updates for outdated hardware? 

[via MacStories]