Photos Of Apple’s New iPhone Are Fake; It’s An iPhone Clone

iPhone 4

The photos of iPhone 4G or iPhone HD that were published yesterday by Engadget and the blogosphere (including us) are fake.

Folks at Applesfera report that the device is an iPhone clone purchased in Japan.

While there were speculations that it could be an early prototype of the next generation iPhone, many readers had pointed out that it looked like a clone.

Applesfera has published another photo of the iPhone clone, which was purchased by their reader in Japan.

Applesfera report:

“Our reader Ivan Meneses has contacted us to tell us that this supposed new iPhone is actually a Japanese clone, which he is due to a relative who brought it from Japan. I leave the photo you sent us ( thanks Ivan! )”

iPhone 4 

Photo from yesterday’s article:

iPhone 4 

As you can see it looks exactly like the phone that many thought was an early prototype of Apple’s new iPhone.

We can’t wait to see Apple’s new iPhone and hopefully don’t get fooled again by the excitement.

Update 1:

This could be Apple's new iPhone

[MacRumors via Applesfera]