iPad 3G Works On T-Mobile; Hacked To Send SMS

iPad 3g launches today

Apple’s iPad 3G model was available on April 30 and within hours of its availability, MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team published photos and videos to confirm that iPad 3G was successfully jailbroken using the Spirit jailbreak.

Some more interesting news on the iPad hacking front. Some folks have figured out how to get their iPad 3G’s to work on T-Mobile’s EDGE data network without any software hack. MuscleNerd has also managed to send SMS on T-Mobile’s network.

iPad 3G users have essentially cut their T-Mobile SIM cards to fit it into iPad’s SIM tray to get it to work on T-Mobile’s data network. It seems to take time to register on the network but works well when it is finally connected.

Unfortunately, since iPad 3G doesn’t support the frequency that T-Mobile uses for its 3G network, it is not possible to get it to work on its 3G network, which would have been ideal for iPad users looking for a carrier option.

We doubt many users who have bought the iPad 3G model will be happy with a slow EDGE connection to consume media content on the go on their latest gadget.

You can checkout the video of iPad working on T-Mobile’s $5.99 EDGE plan.

MuscleNerd has also managed to send SMS on T-Mobile’s network from his jailbroken iPad 3G model. The solution is quite primitive at this stage as seen in the video below:

MuscleNerd has noted that it is not possible to send SMS or make calls using AT&T's SIM.

[via Engadget]