iPhone 4G Screen Will Be Running At A Higher Resolution Of 960×640

iPhone 4G

Folks at SuperPhone.cz, who are claiming to have received parts of the next generation iPhone have confirmed that Apple’s new iPhone screen will be running at a resolution of 960×640.

They apparently figured it out by putting the screen of the next generation iPhone under a microscope.

Engadget reports:

The guys from superiphone.cz have gone above and beyond the leaker’s call of duty, by taking the supposed next-gen screen under a microscope and figuring out its pixel density and display technology. According to them, the new iPhone will sport an IPS panel, much like the other handheld device Apple introduced this year, with a cool 960 x 640 resolution.

iPhone 4G screen

A 960×640 resolution display would quadruple the number of pixels in the next generations iPhone as compared to 480×320 resolution available in current and older iPhone models, thus increasing the pixel density to 320 dpi from 160 dpi.

The doubling of the horizontal and vertical resolution of iPhone’s screen would make it easy for Apple to implement backward compatibility for existing iPhone apps similar to pixel doubling system available in iPad for iPhone apps.

Let us know your thoughts on the new iPhone with higher screen resolution.

[via Engadget]