New Apple TV Could Be Based On iPhone OS

New Apple TV built on iPhone OS

For a long time, Apple has maintained that their foray into the television segment is just a "hobby". However, according to a recent Engadget report, Cupertino may well be on course to chart an effective reentry into the home entertainment space.

The sources have revealed that the next generation Apple TV may bring all of Apple's mobile offerings to the television; something the source claims will make the new device look like "an iPhone without a screen". 

According to Engadget, the new Apple TV will be based on iPhone OS 4. This is unlike the older version that was based on the OS X-lite platform. Also, the new architecture will bring Apple's indigenously built A4 CPU chip to the new device. Apple is learned to have moved away from a local storage based solution to a cloud-based architecture. Consequently, the new Apple TV may come only with a limited 16GB flash storage, though users willing to have a local storage option may be able to do so with a Time Capsule.

Considering that the earlier iterations of Apple TV did not fare well in the market, the company is reported to be making the device extremely affordable with the new version. Engadget writes that Apple TV may retail at an extremely low price of $99. With the device sharing its operating platform with the iPhone and iPad, users may also be offered access to the App Store, though details are extremely sketchy at the moment.  

There is no word as yet on when the rumored new Apple TV might launch. An official announcement about the new device is not expected during next month's WWDC. Nevertheless, the latest rumors come close on the heels of Google's announcement of their foray into the television segment. It will be interesting to see the two technology giants extend their rivalry to the home entertainment space. 

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