Verizon To Offer Simultaneous Voice And Data On CDMA iPhone?

Verizon to launch iPhone on vora

As the rumored launch date for iPhone 4G draws closer, the talk of an end to AT&T's carrier exclusivity has been growing louder.

Earlier this month, we had heard reports that Apple has contracted Pegatron Technology to ship close to 10 million CDMA iPhone handsets in 2010.

Brushing aside concerns about subscribers fleeing to Verizon, AT&T Wireless CEO Ralph de la Vega had noted yesterday that a lot of AT&T subscribers have signed up for family plans and corporate discount plans. He said that these plans would serve as incentives for the existing subscribers to stay with Ma Bell in the event of AT&T losing its exclusive-carrier status. 

One of the important factors that de la Vega had failed to mention was the lack of certain features on Verizon that are available for iPhone users on AT&T. For instance, you may be aware of the fact that unlike AT&T's UMTS network, Verizon's network does not permit simultaneous voice and data transfer. In fact, this was one of the features prominently highlighted on Apple commercials in the past. 

However, it now appears that Verizon may be looking to bridge this gap. Folks at Boy Genius Report have noted that Verizon may be launching its CDMA iPhone with VoRA (Voice over Rev A) technology. VoRA is one of the most recent technologies that help networks to increase peak data transmission speeds while enabling telephony based services like Voice and Push to talk. BGR notes that Verizon has been testing VoRA as a precursor to the VoLTE network (Verizon's 4G LTE Network), which it plans to rollout towards the end of the year.

As always, these are still rumors and need to be taken with caution. However, the rumor underlines the possibility of Verizon making their network and tariff plans extremely attractive that would incentivize iPhone users on AT&T to migrate to Verizon. Considering the competition brewing among network operators in the smartphone segment, "sticky" offers like AT&T's Family plan and Corporate connections alone may not help Ma Bell in retaining subscribers. What do you think?

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