Apple: FaceTime Video Call Does Not Use Carrier Minutes

Facetime not to consume voice call minutes

One of the most talked about features in Apple's new iPhone 4 is FaceTime. FaceTime uses the new front-facing camera on the iPhone to initiate video calls between iPhone 4 users.

As Steve Jobs had pointed out during his keynote address at WWDC 2010, the feature is currently restricted to work via Wi-Fi alone. However, Apple is in talks with carriers to bring the feature to 3G networks as well.

If you are wondering if you will consume your carrier minutes while making video calls using FaceTime then the answer is "no" as you are making the call over Wi-Fi. 

Apple has clarified that video calling using FaceTime will not consume the user's carrier minutes. In response to an enquiry from Business Insider's Dan Frommer, Apple responded:

"The voice call ends as soon as the FaceTime call connects. The FaceTime call is over Wi-Fi so does not use carrier minutes."

Frankly, we would have been suriprised if video calls consumed carrier minutes. Apple's statement also confirms that while it is possible for users to migrate from a voice call to a video call by tapping on the FaceTime icon on the in-call menu option, the reverse may not be possible. 

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[via Silicon Alley Insider]