Coverage of Apple’s WWDC 2010 Keynote Address; Steve Jobs Unveils iPhone 4

WWDC 2010 Dates announced

Apple's Keynote address at Worldwide Developer Conference 2010 should be underway shortly. It is being held at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco, California.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO will deliver the keynote. We are closely following the event live and will keep updating this post with the details as soon as they are announced.

Updates will be posted from top to bottom (bottom newest) so stay tuned. Please refresh for latest updates.

Louis Armstrong on the speakers.

Announcement: "Welcome to WWDC 2010 — please turn off your cellphones and PDAs." 

Steve Jobs on stage. Huge applause!

He starts off by talking about WWDC, number of attendees and about it being sold out in 8 days.

Steve Jobs: “I’d like to start with the iPad. An incredible success.”

Apple has sold over 2 million iPads. 1 every 3 seconds. A guy even got a girl interested in him with his iPad.

iPad is currently available in 10 countries. Apple plans to sell iPad in 19 countries by the end of July.

8500 iPad apps available on the App Store, 35 million iPad apps downloaded, 17 iPad apps downloaded per iPad.

He is showing off some iPad apps like  Pulse, Gowalla, eBay, webMD, Iron Man etc.

5 million eBooks downloaded from the iBookstore. 2.5 eBooks per iPad. Apple will be releasing an updated version of iBooks today.

The updated version of iBooks will allow users to view and read PDFs.

Steve Jobs is now talking about the App Store. He says Apple supports two platforms. 

The first is HTML5, a fully-open, uncontrolled platform that is forged and defined by standards bodies.

The second is Apple's very own App Store with 225,000 iPhone apps.

15,000 iPhone apps are submitted to the App Store for approval. 95% are approved in 7 days. The reason for not approving 5% of the apps is because they either crash, use private API or don't work as advertised.

Steve Jobs wants to show three new iPhone apps. The first one is Netflix for iPhone (finally!). 

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings on stage to demo the iPhone app.

Next up is Zynga. Zynga is releasing Farmville, their most popular Facebook game to the iPhone. 

The third iPhone app is Guitar Hero.

Activision Senior VP Karthik Bala is on stage to talk about Guitar Hero. 

Steve Jobs is back on stage.

5 Billion iPhone apps were downloaded from the App Store. Amazing!

Apple has paid developers $1 billion for their share of the revenues from the sale of iPhone apps.

Steve Jobs is now talking about iPhone's smartphone market share.

Steve Jobs has just unveiled iPhone 4.

iPhone 4

“It is just 9.3mm thick, that is 24% thinner than the iPhone 3GS. A quarter thinner in something you didn’t think could get any thinner! In fact, it is the thinnest smartphone on the planet.”

“We have a front-facing camera, microSIM, camera + LED flash, headset, and a second mic for noise cancellation. Now, because there have been a few photos around, people have asked, what’s this?” The edge of the phone. “What are these lines? These don’t seem like Apple.”

WWDC 2010 Dates announced

“It’s got integrated antennas right in the structure of the phone — it’s never been done before and it’s really cool engineering.”

“Stainless steel for strength. Glass on the front AND back. Integrated antennas, and extraordinary build quality.”

Apple has dramatically increased the pixel density, 4x in the same amount of space. Steve Jobs is calling the display of iPhone 4.

Steve Jobs had connectivity issues with iPhone 4. Ouch!

iPhone 4 has a 3.5 inch display, 960X640 pixels, 326 pixels per inch, 800:1 contrast.

iPhone OS 4 will automatically make iPhone apps work on the higher resolution Retina display.

iPhone 4 will be powered by A4.

“Now, because we’ve made the battery bigger and the A4 is so good with power management, we’ve improved the battery life! 7 hours 3G tlak, 6 hours 3G browsing, 10 hours WiFi browsing, 10 hours music, 40 hours of music, and 300 hours of standby.”

iPhone 4

So iPhone 4 come with A4, 32GB, quad band HSDPA / HSUPA, dual mics, 802.11n. Interesting, is iPhone 4 coming to T-Mobile?

iPhone 4 also includes a three-axis gyroscope.

Apple has tied the gyroscope, accelerometer, and GPS for 6-axis motion sensing. It’s apparently perfect for gaming.

iPhone 4 also gets a better camera. Steve Jobs: “We’ve tied the gyro, accelerometer, and GPS for 6-axis motion sensing. It’s perfect for gaming — and one of the reasons it’s perfect is because it’s built into every iPhone 4, so you know it’s there.”

iPhone 4 also includes LED Flash and the camera comes with 5x digital zoom.

The camera also records HD video.

You can record HD video using iMovie for iPhone. Randy Ubillos, Apple’s chief architect of video apps on stage to demo the iPhone app.

So what do you think about iPhone 4? In our opinion, Apple seems to have nailed it. 

And this is one of the biggest reasons for it.

WWDC 2010 Dates announced

iMovie for iPhone will be available on the App Store for $4.99.

Steve Jobs is back on stage.

Apple has just renamed iPhone OS as iOS.

So iPhone OS 4 has been renamed as iOS 4.

Steve Jobs is talking about all the new features introduced in iPhone OS 4, sorry iOS 4.

iOS 4 has multitasking, folders, retina display integration, enhancements to mail, camera and photo apps, much deeper enterprise integration and 100 new features.

Golden Master of iOS 4 will be available today, so we can expect iOS 4 to be released sometime next week.

As we had expected, users will be able to select Bing as their default search engine in iOS 4. 

iBooks comes to the iPhone. You will be able to download the same book to all the iDevices.

Steve Jobs is now talking about iAds.

The following brands will be buying ad space through the iAd platform: Nissan, Citi, Unilever, AT&T, Chanel, GE, Liberty Mutual, State Farm, Geico,  Sears, JCPenny, Target, Best Buy, DirecTV, TBS network, and Disney. 

Steve Jobs is demoing the interactive Nissan Leaf iAd.

Steve Jobs says one more thing. Is it about more iPhone carriers?

No, its FaceTime – video calling. 

WWDC 2010 Dates announced

But it looks like it will work only over Wi-Fi.

Confirmed, it’s iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 anywhere there is WiFi, and there is no setup required.

Steve Jobs: “You can switch from the front or rear camera automatically. It’s WiFi-only in 2010, we’re working with the cellular providers to get things ready.”

Steve Jobs is now demoing the feature.

It will work in both portrait and landscape mode. Pretty cool, except the part that it works only over Wi-Fi. But then we expected it.

iPhone 4 will come in two colors, black and white. It will be priced at $199 in the US for the 16GB model, and £299 for the 32GB model.

WWDC 2010 Dates announced

Steve Jobs: “I’m thrilled to announce AT&T is going to make an incredibly generous upgrade offer. If your contract expires any time in 2010, you are immediately eligible for a new iPhone 4 at the same 199 or 299 prices if you top up your contract 2 years.”

iPhone 4 goes on sale on June 24.

iPhone 3G is gone and iPhone 3GS will be the entry level model at $99.

Pre-orders start a week from tomorrow. It will be available in 5 countries initially US, France, Germany, UK, Japan.

It will go on sale in 18 countries in July, 24 more countries in August and 44 countries in September.

Apple will also be selling an iPhone case for iPhone 4. They're calling it bunker and it will be available in different colors for $29.

iPhone OS 4 or iOS 4 will be released on June 21. It will be available for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G though not all features will be supported on iPhone 3G. iPhone 4 will come bundled with iPhone OS 4.

Steve Jobs acknowledging the team that worked on iPhone 4.

And with that Steve Jobs leaves the stage. The Keynote is over.

Do you like the new iPhone? Will you be buying it or upgrading to it?

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