iPhone 4 Comes With New Antenna System – Will It Result In Fewer Dropped Calls?

iPhone 4 new antenna system

Apple is a company well known for its aesthetically designed products. You may have however noticed tiny black seams across the rim of the new iPhone 4 that may seem to deviate from the company's regular fixation for aesthetics.

This had even caused a lot of people to question the authenticity of the lost iPhone 4 prototype when it was first revealed by Gizmodo.

Steve Jobs had revealed during his Keynote address at WWDC that the stainless steel bands on the new iPhone are actually a part of the "primary structural element" of the device that house the iPhone's antenna system. 

As you can notice from the images below, iPhone 4 has three such seams. One part of this antenna system caters to the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS functions while the other part is dedicated to UMTS and GSM functions. 

iPhone 4 new antenna system

iPhone 4 new antenna system

This could come as good news to iPhone users, especially those in high iPhone density areas like New York and San Francisco, who regularly suffer from high dropped call rates. While AT&T has been constantly blamed for not building sufficient infrastructure to cater to the high network usage, there have also been reports in the past that suggested that Apple is equally to blame for the poor network coverage on the iPhone.

Late last year, Roger Entner, senior vice president for telecommunications research at Nielsen had written that a flawed design of the iPhone's "air interface" was a primary cause for the high dropped call rates on the device. The air interface connects the phone to the cell towers and is responsible for both voice and data transmission.

It is to be seen if the new antenna system will fix the network connectivity issues resulting in fewer dropped calls that has plagued iPhone users until now (at least AT&T's iPhone customers). 

Nevertheless, we think the engineers at Apple should be given credit for this new architecture which, as Jobs has noted, has never been done before in a phone. It's amazing how they keep innovating.

What do you think about iPhone 4's new antenna system?

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