iPhone 4 Owners Reporting Reception Issues When They Hold Antenna Band? [Updated]

iPhone 4

We have received complaints from our readers that they’re observing reception issues when they touch iPhone 4’s side antenna bands.

Gizmodo has also received several complaints from their readers who have observed the same issue and has posted many videos showing the problem.

iPhone 4 comes with a new antenna system system. Steve Jobs had revealed during his Keynote address at WWDC that the stainless steel bands around the new iPhone are actually part of the "primary structural element" of the device that house the iPhone's antenna system. 

We were hoping that the new antenna system will fix the network connectivity issues resulting in fewer dropped calls that has plagued iPhone users until now (at least AT&T's iPhone customers). But things don’t look good if you take a look at the videos below:

Here is a video from another user showing the same problem:

One user has reported that he is observing the same issue if he only touches the left side, connecting both antennas.

While another user hasn’t observed the issue even if he touches the side antennas.

Another user did a speed test with the iPhone on the table, with his hands on the phone, and one while he had his hands on the phone but with a leather case on it. He observed that he observed the issue only when he hands on the phone (without the leather case).

Meanwhile Kewlj1313, one of our readers is reporting that he is observing a strange freezing issue on this iPhone 4. He has posted the following video to show the issue he is facing:

We’re not sure why he is facing this issue but it could be due to the fact that he has restored from his iPhone 3GS backup. Setting it up as a new iPhone in iTunes might be an option though its not an ideal solution.

New iPhone 4 owners have also reported discoloration on iPhone 4’s retina display and scratches on the glass back.

Have you observed any of these issues? Please let us know in the comments.

Thanks Kewlj1313 for reporting the issue with the video.

Update 1:

MacRumors points out that similar issues were seen with older iPhone models. The video below shows a similar issue on an iPhone 3G.

Here is a video of a similar issue observed on an iPhone 3GS:

So it doesn't seem to be an iPhone 4 specific issue.  

Update 2:

Our readers are reporting that though they've observed a similar issue, it is not affecting the call quality. So it seems to be a software glitch or might have something to do with the fact that an iPhone 4 was restored from an iPhone 3GS backup.

Update 3:

Kewlj1313 has restored his iPhone 4 as a new iPhone rather than from his iPhone 3GS backup and it seems to have resolved his freezing issue. Thanks Kewlj1313 for your comment.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

[via Gizmodo]