iPhone 4G’s Battery And Dock Connector Revealed?

iPhone 4G

The parts of Apple’s next generation iPhone continue to surface.

Taiwanese site Apple.pro has just published new photos and information claiming to be battery and dock connector of iPhone 4G that Steve Jobs is expected to unveil at the WWDC 2010 next week.

Apple.pro has published the photo of next generation iPhone’s dock connector, which according to MacRumors “differ somewhat in appearance from the design used in the iPhone 3G and 3GS”.

iPhone 4G

Apple.pro has also published the photo of iPhone 4G battery.

iPhone 4G
iPhone 4G

As seen the screenshot below, here are some of the details available on the battery:

Li-ion Polymer battery
3.7V 5.25Whr
APN: 616-0520
VPN: GB-S10-423482-0100

If the photos are authentic then it suggests that Apple’s new iPhone battery will have 16% more capacity as compared to iPhone 3GS, which only has a 3.7V 4.51Whr battery.

Gizmodo had also found a battery with similar specifications when they had disassembled the lost next generation iPhone prototype.

The increase in the capacity of next iPhone’s battery seems to be quite marginal. One of my major gripes about iPhone 3GS is its poor battery life so I was hoping for at least 50% increase in battery life with features like multitasking introduced in iPhone OS 4.0 and video chatting capabilities coming to the next generation iPhone.

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